of Fine English

Have you had enough of textbook English?
Do you want to make your English sound eloquent and unique?
Have you reached a language plateau and felt no progress recently?
Think about a private tutor who will guide you to proficiency.
For Who?

advanced English
learners who:

wish to rediscover their hunger for knowledge
wish to become more confident and fluent speakers
want to refine their English skills on all fronts
wish to maintain their linguistic proficiency

A range of situations practised:

from chance meetings with influential people to networking online
from "breaking the ice" in meetings to starting negotiations effectively
where you need to communicate formally with colleagues, clients and stakeholders in English
What Areas?

The course helps
you to:

enhance your professional image through the language used
become more aware of the power of language
find your own voice in English
refine your vocabulary
What Skills?

You choose what to focus on:

how to show your personality through English
how to use persuasive intonation
how to improve your pronunciation
how to make your vocabulary richer and memorable
What Benefits?

You benefit because:

the course focuses on your individual learning style
you choose the most suitable learning pace
you learn what you consider useful and relevant
topics are selected to maintain your interest and motivation
you enjoy maximum exposure to English
our confidence increases through practice and repetition

You can choose from a wide range of topics which will enrich you on a personal and professional level:

market and business trends
management issues
philosophy in business
scientific advances
psychology of work
theories of knowledge
effective communication skills
trends shaping our future
the IT revolution
developments in AI
cognitive sciences
the world of art and culture
creativity and self-development
memory improvement
fintech, greentech or ESG
Why Me?

"variety is the spice of learning"

extensive 18-year experience in teaching legal and business professionals, at all levels of practice
care about the precision and clarity of your vocabulary
innovative and unique approach to teaching collocations which guarantee the high quality of your English