Agnieszka A. Chojecka

Hello, I am an English tutor with over 22 years of experience in designing courses for legal, financial and business English learners. My lifelong passion for creating my own study materials resulted in the launch of a unique website for the TOLES candidates –

I studied English Philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Thanks to my first business English students, most of whom valued their time and expected fast improvement, I have needed to develop most effective learning methods. And they work:)

Since 2004 I have worked exclusively with legal and financial professionals from recognised Polish law firms and legal departments of international companies in Poland.

I find it incredibly rewarding to make my students skilled English users and successful communicators.

Outside of work my fascination with education continues as I avidly read about recent developments in psychology, memorising techniques or the Socratic method of teaching. That is when I am not at the ice rink practising my figure skating jumps and spins.

Legal English Boost
Boost your Legal English has been prepared for candidates of legal English exams, e.g. the TOLES series. However, anyone who wants to improve legal English vocabulary may benefit as well.
Legal English Boost is ideal for:
  • candidates for the TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher or TOLES Advanced
  • law students, law graduates or legal trainees
  • learners who want to know more legal phrases
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Legal Talk
Conversational legal, financial and business English. An offer for professionals who would like to speak naturally and professionally. Private tuition.
For legal and business professionals who:
  • want to sound natural and professional
  • wish to become more confident and fluent speakers
  • liaise with English-speaking clients
  • work with English texts and documents on a daily basis
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