How to start?

At a first meeting:

1. your individual level of linguistic competence is assessed
2. the course objectives are set
3. your individual learning plan is drawn up
4. you decide when and how often to arrange meetings
5. the first meetings give you an overview of my teaching approach
6. hourly rates depend on several factors: your proficiency level, frequency of meetings, the length of the course

The tuition fee may range between PLN180 and PLN240 for 45 minutes.
The hourly rates may slightly differ for meetings (face-to-face or online) at the weekend and on weekdays after 21.00.

You can also have the-whole-day English experience, from 4 to 8 hours with breaks.

The meetings take place on the Legal English by Chojecka premises at Dabrowskiego 20-22a/5, Poznan, Poland.

Online meetings are available as well.